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Raden Financial Consultants SL, was founded in 2006 due to its founding partners perception of important trends in the framework of the Spanish financial world at the beginning of the 21st Century, most significantly in the Private Banking sector. In our view these trends can be described as SPECIALIZATION and INDEPENDENCE .

On one hand, we are witnessing an exodus of the top "product" managers who are departing the rigid structures of large companies in order to set up their own specialist fund management "boutiques"; on the other hand, the best and most experienced "client consultants", are leaving large banks and set themselves up as independent financial advisors, in modern terms "multi-family offices"

These two trends are making communications between specialized product managers and independent financial advisors an increasingly difficult task, at a time when they need each other more than ever before- the independent financial advisor , because he needs to find the best product for his clients, and the specialized product manager because he looks for investors among the professional advisors who value performance most , rather than large institutions who value other factors such as big fees.

RADEN ´s objective is none other than to help both , product managers and client advisors, to get to know each other and cooperate, in the conviction that the key to our success , is to enable such cooperation, to the ultimate benefit of end investors.

Madrid, February 2007

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